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    Xat chat box


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    Xat chat box

    Post  Alyrox1010 on Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:59 pm

    Hi everyone! We thought it would be cool if we put an xat box in the forum. Smile So we did! It's in the portal (Between Home and Calender at the top of the page)

    Gold person: Owner- Able to ban forever and make mods and members. Please do not ask to be an owner or you will be kicked* one time. After that it is a banning for 8 hours. The third time you ask you will be banned from the chat box forever.

    White person: Moderator- Able to ban for 8 hours and make members. We will choose mods by how they behave on the chat box and the forums

    Blue person: Member- All members of our forum will be blue.

    Green person: Guest- Guests that are viewing our forum.

    Rules of the chat box:
    ~ No swearing
    ~ No fighting
    ~ Do not ask to be an owner or mod
    ~ Please be respectful
    ~ If someone is harrasing you in PC (Private chat) Please let a mod or owner know so they can take action.
    ~ Please put your forum name as your xat name
    ~ Have fun and follow the rules

    Anyone who breaks the rules will be kicked/banned apropriatly.

    We reserve the right to remove the chat box if it is causing too many problems.

    How to use xat:

    Private chat (PC): Click on this to chat privatly with this person. No one can see your convo with this person.

    Private Message (PM): Like PC only it is on the main box, but no on can see it.

    Add as friend: Add this person to your friends list

    Ignore: You won't be able to see what this person is saying

    Marry/Best friend: Ignore this

    Transfer: Ignore this

    Powers: Ignore this

    If you have any more questions about the chat box please contact a mod or admin. Have fun!

    Best regards,
    The KV team

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