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    Reknown Contest with Great Prizes!


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    Reknown Contest with Great Prizes!

    Post  Moonlight on Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:05 pm

    Hello all kinzville members! as you may know, this site has a very small amount of members, and we are currently trying to reach a goal of 100 members, so now we are hosting this 'renknown contest'. The goal of this contest is to let as much people as possible know about this great site so spread the word, to get more members on the site and you may win a great prize! Laughing Heres how to enter and the rules:

    ~Absolutely no scamming, cheating, tricking, or forcing other people to join the site, if they do not want to join, its their decision.
    ~Be nice, polite and absolutely no rudeness.
    ~When youre done 'spreading the word' pm me or Alyrox1010 how much people you asked to join and their usernames as proof.
    ~ You may go on other webkinz based sites such as Webkinz Insider and advertise this site in your siggy, etc. but please take note that some sites like Webkinz town dont like ads about other sites, so please respect their rules and dont break them because of this contest.
    ~Have fun, and dont forget to let the people know that were also hiring so that theyll have more reasons to join the site. Smile

    The Prizes are:

    1st Place: an Estore item that is under 5000 points

    2nd Place: Samoyed dog PSI
    3rd Place: Chipmunk PSI
    This contest will end at the end of this week, so start spreading the word everybody, and have fun! Smile

    Best Regards,

    The KV Staff flower

    Update: The contest will run from Augest 19th to Augest 24th. Also, the member you reffered to will need to make a thread in the "Hi i'm new" section saying that you are their refferer.


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    Re: Reknown Contest with Great Prizes!

    Post  HawaiianBreeze on Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:56 pm

    Cool! i'm not sure if I will enter...

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    Re: Reknown Contest with Great Prizes!

    Post  Mightystar159 on Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:46 pm


    I put a link in my Siggy At Webkinz Insider! Smile

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    Re: Reknown Contest with Great Prizes!

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