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    Role play rules


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    Role play rules

    Post  Alyrox1010 on Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:08 pm

    Everyone loves role plays! However you must follow these rules when you start a role play.

    Must be apporopriate
    No kissing, dating, ect. If an 7 year old couldn't read it, then it is not allowed.

    Must have a mod's approval
    You must pm one of our mods about your Role play to submit it. A mod will come on to your RP and say it is approved once they say it is OK. All threads that do not have an approval of a mod will be deleted. If the approval is Fake you will not be allowed to start a role play ever again.

    No coping other Role plays
    All multiple Role plays of the same subject will be deleted

    • You must use "" and ()
    Use Quotes to let people know your charector is talking and Pharentheses to let people know you are talking.

    Have fun on the role plays!
    - KV staff

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